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Becoming a Member at Grace

Individuals and families interested in membership at Grace are welcomed by individual attention by the pastor and lay leaders. Some people are transferring membership from other churches and are very familiar with Christian teaching and Lutheran perspectives on the bible, sacraments, and raising children in the faith. A short period of getting acquainted and reviewing common beliefs is followed by a brief rite at a Sunday Worship Service for reception of new members. When someone is unfamiliar with the practices and faith perspectives of the Lutheran Church then time is taken to establish a basic but solid foundation for beginning an active participation in church life. Worship, bible study, and mission are all very important parts of membership in our church and people are received into membership when they express a desire to commit to these practices and the beliefs that guide and direct them. The rites for reception of new members include the liturgy of Affirmation of Baptism. Those who are interested in membership at Grace but who are as yet un-baptized are provided opportunities to learn about baptism and be received in Holy Baptism.

Questions about membership can be directed to the church office (708) 345-1375 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..